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You should hire a South Florida Public Adjuster right away if you have damage caused by a Flood. We will get you the settlement you deserve and not what the insurance company dictates.

  • We will negotiate the best possible Flood claim settlement with the company insurance adjuster.
  • We will prepare a detailed Flood damage estimate of everything that needs to be replaced.
  • Statistically using a South Florida Public Adjuster on a flood claim results in settlements that are upwards of 747% greater because you used a Public Adjuster.
  • We will maximize your flood insurance settlement. Don't be taken by the insurance company when they say you are in good hands, you are not!
  • We are able to envoke the insurance appraise clause and represent you as an flood insurance appraiser should the claim need an appraiser.
  • We will relieve you of all the stress that comes along with flood damage or flood insurance claim.


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